Madibeng FM 105.3

Madibeng fm, is licensed radio station by Independent Communications Authority South Africa based in Brits North West. A driven organization, dependent on committed, passionate members of the community for our programming, outreach, fund-raising and all activities that keep us going.

Mission Statement

Madibeng Community Radio Project aims to cultivate a stronger sense of “Place” in the community by providing an unprecedented diversity of locally produced, high-quality audio programs to inform, energize, and educate its listeners.

Through an inclusive approach to broadcasting in the region, Madibeng fm will uphold programming principles designed to inspire creative discussion and enhance social, cultural, and environmental awareness by providing music, entertainment, and community affairs programming to underserved communities within the broadcast area.


• Democratize the local media landscape by giving a voice to un-represented or underrepresented members of our community 

• Increase diversity of musical programming in our area 

• Provide an educational media clearinghouse for issues-oriented information 

• Strengthen “cultural health” and community identity 
Before Madibeng fm, Madibeng hadn’t had access to a true non-profit community programmed radio station since. 

In 2012, Nick Motloung organized group of people, started meeting to discuss the possibility of creating a community radio station. Every single person who came in contact with the project had a vision for what the future could sound like and anticipated the groundswell of the long-awaited connective tissue of a community station.

Why radio?

1. It’s the most democratic form of media available to the average citizen today. A radio can be found very inexpensively at almost any thrift store, plugged into an electrical outlet, and the sounds of nearby broadcasts come spilling out, instantly available. The internet, a wonderful place, is rarely provided for free and, because our country is so large, it will take a long time to develop a pervasive public wireless network. And mobile is also a reality – but also requires a daily/ monthly fee for access. Radio can be heard by anyone, even by a kid with a crystal-based home-made radio or with an old stereo receiver from his or her parents with a simple bundle of wire shoved into the antenna port . . . the root of the broadcast, radio, is a signal sent into the air, received for free and experienced simultaneously by the audience.

Because big media companies have such huge stakes in policy debates, the FCC reserved part of the FM dial for noncommercial (NBA) broadcasts.

However, regulators only allow application windows for new stations on very rare occasions. Madibeng fm founder, Nick Motloung, applied for and successfully received a frequency (105.3 FM) during a 2 Years window in 2012. 

Hundreds of people have contributed to the radio station since it was nothing more than a few people sitting around a table.

2. There is almost a limitless amount of recorded music, yet most of it doesn’t get heard.

Up and down the radio dial, most stations are owned by highly-consolidated media organizations – many suggest that it’s 1 corporation (SABC) that direct most of the public media we consume every day. Talk about ultimate control of content and discourse. At Madibeng fm, music programmers shape the tone of their shows independently around the loose guidelines of providing sounds that are more like unique gems than the overplayed conformity that exists on other stations. Public affairs program hosts try to research and present material that is relevant and compelling.

When human beings program a show to share on the airwaves, a warmth and personality is communicated with awareness of our communities’ nuances. That is one definition of community. This station’s goal is to make sure we’re not just filling a unique niche in music and local-interest programming, but providing a vital service that is refreshing, engaging, helps expand our listeners’ perspective and fosters discussion.

With the landlocked nature of our region’s geography a person could go a long time without coming in contact with things that present a different perspective than they’re used to, or hear an honest discussion about the state of our natural environment, or listen to songs they’ve never heard before. And considering media consolidation, you can hear the same song on multiple channels played all day long by DJs who don’t determine the content of their own shows or live in their broadcast area.

3. Because done right, radio should engage your imagination. Radio is a minimalist marvel. Imagine the potency of a medium that not only expands the reach of communication, but simultaneously increases the intimacy of that expanded reach.

Madibeng fm supports local artists, musicians, and cultural activities, and will always remain primarily funded by our listeners and other business supporters. But remember that you support us in kind as well. You are our content, our audience, our emissaries in the community and our radio soul.